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So as to gain some new knowledge of foreign ceramics, he travelled in Hungary, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Great Britain. In the year 2003 he sold his pottery and flew off to New Zealand where together with Stephan Robertson (NZ) and Daniel Rochester took part in the preparations and the six-day firing of the three-chamber Anagama by the sculptor Darryl Frost. He also collaborates with other ceramists such as Steve Fulmer, Owen Barttlet and Anna Barnnet.
During his travels he also visited a number of other ceramists, besides others even such celebrities such as Roy Mc Glassen and Barry Brick. The contact with the most famous Czech ceramist Mirek Smíšek is unfortunately only by telephone.
During his stay in New Zealand he received a grant by the New Zealand government – the so-called “Artist in Residence” – in the family of the Malayan lady artist Aliah Jan. At the end of the year 2004 he returned to the Czech Republic and continued in his work in the gallery Stříbský mlýn of Josef Zahradník at Ivančice. At the present time, he takes steps to establish his own new pottery and gallery. Due to the planned construction of a new pottery kiln using wood for firing, his future journey is directed to Norway to visit Tobjorn Kwasba who specialises in wood firing.
Products made by Petr Jurníček can be found in most European countries and also in Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and in United Arab Emirates.

Petr Jurnicek

Born in 1976 in Nové Město na Moravě. Since 1994 has been a private pupil of the academic sculptor Roman Wenzel. In order to learn different techniques and methods he worked in one year´s intervals in five ceramic workshops in Brno and its environs. In the year1999 he established his own pottery at Rosice u Brna.

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