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Czech Certifikáty

4. Have you developed some of your own, original technologies?
  Petr I am not sure if this is the technology you are talking about but many years ago I developed purely by accident a technique of washing off glazes from a bisque fired piece. I know that water will wash off material but I have learned that if there is alot of china clay in the mix it is harder to wash off so I use mostly coloured slips applied to the bisqueware and I am careful to wash off some areas and not others. It produces a worn, layered look. There is an art to knowing how much to wash off. This led me to dip all my bisque tableware in water first so as to have less problems like pinholing in the glaze.

5. Are you able to compare conditions for potters at NZ and USA?
  A big question for anyone to really answer. New Zealand is so small and struggles to make an impact with the customer. We have so much imported junk now, most people aren't aware of the personnal beauty held in a hand made item. In the US the same problem exists only on a larger scale. My own brother has stopped being a potter after 37yrs. He mostly did craft fairs all around the US. Often the weather ruined a show or some other element out of one's control. Often other potters would steal your good idea and the next time at the show several potters were doing your stuff. There's not much one can do about it especially in the US markets. In NZ it would be pointed out that you stole someone's idea. My own situation is I sell from my own gallery and several craft galleries throughout New Zealand. I don't use a computer or web page.

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